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In November 2008, East Bay Regional Park District sponsored ballot measure WW, authorizing it to issue bonds to fund acquisition and development of park land.  One of the specific projects listed in the measure was funding for East Bay Regional Park District to acquire the surplus federal property next to Crab Cove/Crown Beach.  The Alameda City Council endorsed Measure WW in June, and voters in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties overwhelmingly approved it in November.

Please write letters to our City Council and local newspapers for the voter-approved park expansion to preserve the surplus federal property for extending parkland at Crab Cove/Crown Beach State Park.

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In November 2008, Alameda and Contra Costa County voters overwhelmingly approved funding, through Measure WW, for the acquisition of a roughly 7-acre parcel adjacent to Crab Cove by the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD), in order to increase space for beach recreation and to protect the shoreline. The EBRPD manages Crown Beach, which is the largest beach on San Francisco Bay. Over one million visitors annually enjoy this important natural and recreational resource.

In 2008, The General Services Administration (GSA) announced its plan to sell a 3.899 portion of the Neptune Point property through a competitive auction. This was done after the EBRPD attempted in 2006/07 to work with the GSA to acquire the parcel at a no cost public benefit conveyance or at the appraised fair market value.

On November 16, 2015, the EBRPD was able to purchase the property after much legal and voter initiative battles through a quitclaim deed. At the time the deed was recorded, the 7-acre parcel was split to create two separate parcels, which was inconsistent with the intention of Measure WW. The Department of Housing and Urban Development then listed the remaining parcel as excess on October 14, 2016 and suitable as a facility to assist the homeless. The EBRPD should have been able to acquire the entire 7-acre parcel in 2015, as per the direction of 71.9% of the voters, which passed in November of 2008 as Measure WW. That measure included “line 18” for the acquisition of the entire parcel at Crab Cove.

The problem is that the federal GSA, which is in charge of disposing of the remaining parcel, has failed to cooperate with the EBRPD. In fact, the GSA is actively going against the expressed will of the voters in your district, with its attempt to transfer this remaining parcel to the Alameda Point Collaborative.

We respectfully request that you discuss this issue with the GSA in order to effect a transfer of the remaining 3.5-acre (more or less) to the East Bay Regional Park District or the State of California. We do not want to see this important Park expansion frustrated by short-term thinking on the part of the GSA.

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