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In November 2008, East Bay Regional Park District sponsored ballot measure WW, authorizing it to issue bonds to fund acquisition and development of park land.  One of the specific projects listed in the measure was funding for East Bay Regional Park District to acquire the surplus federal property next to Crab Cove/Crown Beach.  The Alameda City Council endorsed Measure WW in June, and voters in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties overwhelmingly approved it in November.

Please write letters to Park District Board of Directors and local newspapers for the voter-approved park expansion to preserve the surplus federal property for extending parkland at Crab Cove/Crown Beach State Park.

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In 2008 the East Bay Regional Park District (“EBRPD”) attempted to get the 3.899 parcel on McKay Avenue in Alameda through a benefit conveyance and was unsuccessful. This letter is to address the remaining GSA property that was part of Measure WW. The GSA has now deemed the remaining land as excess and suitable for homeless. Alameda Point Collaborative (“APC”) have received conditional approval to move forward to create a plan to put in a 140-bed medical facility and a drop-in clinic. As you are very aware, this is the entrance to Crab Cove for educational trips for children and thousands of visitors annually. There are also several CEQA and NEPA impacts relating to suitability of this type of facility in an area that focuses on the education of children, a dense residential population and the only entrance/exit to Crab Cove and the proposed medical facility. The same issues from the first parcel apply here and at this point the APC is saying that HHS will claim this exempt from proper CEQA, NEPA and overall environmental impact on this community and the Crown Memorial Beach and Crab Cove Parks and Recreation area.

The EBRPD entered into the Settlement agreement on October 20, 2015 with the Quitclaim Deed being signed on November 9, 2015. It is still unclear why you would sign away a parcel that voters approved by 71.9% to be acquired and used to expand Crab Cove. The settlement agreement stated you agree the remaining parcel may be subdivided and developed for residential or commercial use that is consistent with the neighboring area. The current neighborhood is made up of mostly residential and some businesses with acres of open space and adding a 140-bed medical facility with an additional 140-200 per month drop-in medical clinic is not consistent with the neighboring area. The EBRPD has an obligation to protect the environment, the park, the Crab Cove visitors center, and the McKay Avenue private access road. This remaining parcel has a better use as open space and could be used as an educational facility to enhance the appeal at Crab Cove or to use for your administrative offices and equipment yard to allow the full 3.899 parcel be recreational open space for visitors to use and enjoy for years to come and complete the park boundary line as described.

Several surrounding residents and businesses have signed on to support a Committee called Friends of Crab Cove. We plan to start a grassroots lobbying campaign to get the northern parcel re-zoned to open space as intended by Measure WW through a ballot initiative. We are passionate about saving this last piece of valuable property to fully complete the Crown Memorial Beach and Crab Cove expansion. We hope that the Commitment to Alameda the EBRPD made in 2014 will continue to be true in 2018 and into the future.

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Friends Of Crab Cove